After showcasing the future of outerwear with its new Alpine jacket, The Dyneema® Project follows up with a new short documentary dubbed Love of the Fall, as it follows skateboarders testing abrasion and tear-resistant concept jeans made of durable denim with Dyneema at the legendary skatepark Prado Bowl in Marseille, France.

By working with Amsterdam’s Denim City to create a pair of 90’s-style chino concept jeans, the denim used to do the tests contains up to eight percent of Dyneema® fiber, which offers maximum strength with minimum weight and improved comfort.

Tested by skateboarders, Samuel Geoni, Michael Kaba and Tim Zom, all three were impressed with the construction, as no rips or abrasions were evident after a slam or a fall. “They really seem indestructible,” says Geoni.

The film also features the architect of Prado Bowl, Jean-Pierre Collinet and Laurent ‘Momo’ Molinier, owner of French retailer Bud Skateshop, who talked about the Prado Bowl’s history and significance.

Also, in case you missed it, adidas Skateboarding’s Japan Team shreds the streets of Tokyo in ‘The Splits.’

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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