Flying just got a lot more luxurious — if you have money that is. After seeing Singapore Airlines’ Airbus A380 hotel-like private suites last week, Emirates has unveiled its next-level first-class private cabins.

Made in collaboration with Mercedes Benz, each suite boasts a bed-like seat, a 32 inch HD screen, lighting and temperature control, and on-demand gourmet dining. The cabins with window seats get binoculars for sky-gazing while the middle suite features a "virtual window" with projections of outside.

Each suite is also completely private, with floor-to-ceiling screens and only three cabins per row, in contrast to the economy section that manages to squeeze 10 seats in the same space.

Get an inside look at the cabins above.

In other news, Uber will launch a flying car service in Los Angeles by 2020.

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