evvol song for the broken hearted
9PR / Wilkosz & Way

There’s a lot of reasons to be broken hearted in the complicated web of the world in 2018, but that doesn’t equate to an absence of beauty. Berlin-based electro outfit Evvol have taken this balance to heart on their latest single, “Song for the Broken Hearted (Rollin),” a dynamic synth odyssey that explores weighty, sobering themes with a radiant sonic-scape. Take a listen below.

Speaking on their recent work, the band says that “These songs were written looking inwardly at how we cope when faced with challenges – escaping into hedonism and really just running from the mad, fucked up world we live in.”

Evvol fans can catch them live in their home city of Berlin on August 30 at Park am Gleisdreieck and with Dena on October 12 at Funkhaus.

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