Facebook is worse for society than either McDonald's or Walmart, according to a survey of 2,000 Americans published by market research agency Honest Data.

Those surveyed were asked to pick from Marlboro, Walmart, Facebook, McDonald's, and Coca-Cola and state which had the worst impact on society. 43 percent of respondents chose the tobacco brand Marlboro, while Facebook came in second place with 27 percent. In contrast, McDonald's received just 21 percent of the vote and Walmart 18 percent. 36 percent of people surveyed said that "none of the above" had a negative impact on society.

In a separate survey looking at just tech companies, Facebook received 37 percent of the vote, Twitter 27 percent, Google 7 percent, Netflix 6 percent, and LinkedIn 4 percent, with the 53 percent majority of those surveyed responding that "none of the above" companies had a negative impact.

The founder of Honest Data, Tavis McGinn wrote on LinkedIn that he wasn't surprised by the results, citing recent controversies surrounding Russian propaganda and fake news on the platform, alongside cases where suicides or violent crimes were live-streamed.

See the results of the survey in full here.

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