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While much of the media fervor surrounding the Flint water crisis has abated, the problem is still there — the Michigan city has not had clean water for an insane 1,113 days.

Not only do Flint residents not have access to safe water, they’re still dealing with the health implications of the crisis. Many children are now suffering from lead poisoning, which can lead to both long- and short-term behavioral and developmental issues.

Multidisciplinary artist Reese Cooper wants to bring national attention back to the city in the hopes of alleviating the situation. Together with the Flint Child Health and Development Fund, Cooper has released a special “WATER IS MORE PRECIOUS THAN GOLD” hoodie to raise awareness and vital funds for Flint.

Profits from the hoodie go to the Flint Child Health and Development Fund to help fight the effects of lead poisoning in the children of Flint.

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