Fortnite has owned headlines over the past couple of days, largely due to an insane gaming session between Drake, Travis Scott, and popular streamer, Ninja. Now, it appears that the co-op sandbox survival game will soon be making its way to mobile devices, according to The Verge.

Per The Verge's Tom Warren, who recently played the title for iOS, "Fortnite runs very smoothly on the iPhone X, with barely any framerate drops."

"It’s around 2GB, which is a reasonable download size for this type of mobile game, and the cartoon-like graphics clearly help Fortnite run well on mobile and adapt to the smaller screen of an iPhone or iPad," he went on to add.

Warren does warn, however, that while he enjoyed the game on an iPhone X, some of the older Apple devices may not handle it so well, much like his iPad Pro.

As could be expected, "the controls aren't perfect on an iPhone," Tom says, "but you get used to them." He also insists that it is surprising how similar the mobile variation is to PC or console versions.

Currently, Fortnite is available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, with a mobile edition out in China and other areas to follow. To dive into the game for iOS, follow on over to The Verge.

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