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Om’Mas Keith has reportedly taken legal action against Frank Ocean after the singer-songwriter sued him for requesting songwriting credits on Blonde. Ocean is currently fighting to remove the producer from the ASCAP credits that he registered and file an injunction that legally blocks Keith from claiming any of the music through his lawsuit. Keith denies these allegations and has moved forward with a countersuit against Ocean.

According to Pitchfork, Keith claims to have co-written “Nikes”, “Ivy”, “Pink + White”, “Be Yourself”, “Solo”, “Skyline To”, “Nights”, “Pretty Sweet”, “Facebook Story”, “White Ferrari”, “Siegfried”, “Godspeed” and “Futura Free” – as well as “At Your Best” and “Florida” from Endless – and is seeking compensation for his alleged contributions. In the countersuit, he states that while he previously agreed on a deal where he was paid a flat fee for his work on Channel Orange, he denied the same terms for the new material and insists that it was still released without his permission.

Keith protests that he did not receive any royalties and is requesting unspecified damages due to the “enormous and irreparable harm” caused by Ocean’s misconduct along with a court order that names him as a co-author of the songs.

Highsnobiety has reached out to representatives for Frank Ocean for comment.

On another note, Frank Ocean was supposedly cast in Michael Kang’s upcoming film ‘Ships Passing in the Night’.

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