Frank Ocean fans suffered a collective nervous breakdown last night when their idol unhooked the velvet rope and allowed them a look at his hitherto private Instagram feed. "Welcome," reads the caption in the Blond star's latest upload, accompanied by a topless selfie.

Ocean has been on IG since 2017 but, in keeping with his status as one of the most elusive recording artists in the world today, the account has been set to private, allowing only people he permits to view his posts. At the time of writing, Ocean has amassed 317,000 followers since going public, including the likes of Ariana Grande and Drake.

Ocean's first upload came back in May 2017 when he shared a photo of himself with actor Ansel Elgort at the Met Gala. Other names to feature on the account include Tyler, The Creator, Zendaya, Zoe Kravitz, SZA, and, of course, his mom. The feed offers a fascinating insight into Frank's aesthetic, highlighting some of his favorite movies, artworks, and musicians.

As unapologetic Frank obsessives, we sifted through all 307 photos and came up with some takeaways. Peep them below.

He's a low-key fashion God

Disclaimer: we didn't need access to Ocean's IG feed to know this. Is there another person in the world who carries off a basic white tee and Vans Old Skools pairing so well? Probably not. Our favorite is the shot of him chilling in New York's Opening Ceremony store wearing the offensively good Hibiscus Shirt by Saint Laurent and a Chanel sunglasses case accessory.

And his sneakers ain't bad, too

We also get a glimpse of the heat Ocean has been rocking on his feet over the past 24 months, the highlight being a sick Nike x Tom Sachs "Mars Yard" custom in black and red. Other images show Ocean in the underrated Nike LDV Waffle Trainer, Nike x J-Crew Killshots and, of course, his much-loved Vans Old Skools.

He might have been undercover on r/Frank Ocean for months


Reddit detectives have matched an image shot in Venice and posted on the sub by U/GrandaddyWasaPlayer with one which appears on Ocean's account on nearly the exact same day in May this year. It's been rumored for a while that Ocean or a member of his team is behind the account, and this appears to be confirmation.

He's a big art fan

Olafur Eliasson, Robert Longo, Howard Hodgkin and, one of Ocean's well-known favorites, David Hockney all feature on the feed. Coincidentally, the Hockney painting above, posted on January 2, sold just yesterday for $90 million.

And 'Trainspotting' is one of his favorite movies

A movie obsessive as evidenced by song titles like "Forrest Gump," Ocean has been seen wearing Trainspotting T-shirts in recent times and clearly digs the Scottish classic. In September, he uploaded a photo of the movie's main antagonist Begbie, played by Robert Carlyle.

He got a tattoo for his dog who passed away

Ocean's dog, Everest, sadly passed away last year. In tribute, he got a tattoo of its name, as seen in a post uploaded in June last year.

It's a... spidercrane

It does look cool, tbf.

He misses playing live

"I miss playing live," wrote Ocean in January this year, accompanied by a single tear drop emoji. If our glass is half full, this hopefully means an extensive tour schedule when Ocean's next album releases. One can dream...

What are your favorite images on Frank's feed? Let us know in the comments below.

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