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Warning: Game of Thrones season eight spoilers below.

HBO was quick to follow up episode 4 of Game of Thrones with a tense teaser to next week’s episode. In the wake of Missandei’s death at the order of Cersei, we find a brooding Daenerys presumably plotting her revenge as she stares out a window. Cut to a smug Cersei as she too looks out her window, this time at King’s Landing.

The teaser is clearly designed to build tension for the next battle as Jon Snow, Euron Greyjoy and Grey Worm prepare for conflict in their respective camps.

We see an updated “Scorpion” being loaded in anticipation of another dragon attack and Greyjoy looking anxiously at the sky.

Episode 5 of Season 8 airs next Sunday at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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