Whether it’s your old man’s watch, a vintage set of baseball cards or that amazing thrift store cop, we hit our influencer rolodex for our series: GRAILS. What’s the story?

For the latest installment of our GRAILS series we looked no further than Earn Chen, creative director of hospitality group, Potato Head Folk. Earn has deep roots in the fashion industry, having begun his career in fashion almost a decade ago, so it should come as no surprise that items such as Levi’s denim and adidas Originals tracksuits are on his list of most sacred possessions.

From the denim and tracksuits to Chanel Teddy Bears, his vinyl collection and more, check out Chen’s GRAILS below.

Levi’s Fenom

“Levi’s Fenom did 12 of these jeans for James Lavelle. We made them specially for James Lavelle for his UNKLE tour in Japan. It was the UNKLE graphic drawn by 3D from Massive Attack instead of the Fragment logo. They were not for sale. Only for the bandmates.”

adidas Originals Tracksuits

“I bought this ’70s adidas track suit from a flea market a few years ago. It’s unworn and still in its box, and I don’t think I will ever wear it. After all it’s still in mint condition after more than 40 years.”

Burger Lamps

“I guess I grew up during that era where going to McDonalds was a real treat. McDonalds have evolved a lot since, but I like their ’80s campaigns the best. This includes their burger lamps, chairs & collectibles made by Setmakers. These original burger lamps by Setmakers are really rare now.”

Chanel Teddy Bears

“They were a Christmas gift from my friend from the Chanel family. They were part of the props for Chanel’s ‘Une Promenade’ at Harrods London in 2011. These Harrods bears were flown to Paris and got a makeover by Chanel in tweeds and leather. They were not for sale and I believe there are only eight of them that existed.”


“I have been wearing them for more than 10 years. My friend Kazuki introduced them to me and we have become good friends ever since. For me, it’s really personal. They’re not a fashion accessory, rather I consider them as heirlooms where you can pass it down through generations.”


“I designed this Bearbrick and I believe it was the first female bearbrick. It is the first heat sensitive version and it transforms into a Bearbrick in lingerie. I was very inspired by John Willie’s Bizarre magazine and those vintage naked women pens so we made a sexy S&M bearbrick.”


“I started buying vinyls at the age of 14. Each piece reminds me of my teenage years. From goth to indie, hip hop to soul and disco, each piece of vinyl reflects a period of time where I was influenced by that music.”

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