Be it hair loss, adult acne or erectile dysfunction, the thing you’re dealing with is probably commonplace. It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one going through it—after all, you’re unlikely to tell your friends when you think your new jacket doesn't fit quite right, much less so when you think you're losing your hair—but trust that millions of other guys are likely experiencing the same things.

If you need evidence of that fact, then look no further than all of the new brands that are springing up to help resolve these matters. They wouldn’t have launched if there weren’t millions of customers to reach, and they all realize that buying a product to solve acne shouldn't have to be any harder or any more painful that buying a pair of sneakers.

The brands’ offerings differ, from sexual wellness to straighter smiles, but their approach is the same. Each one provides convenient, at-home, and affordable solutions to your most embarrassing and debilitating body problems, and wraps them up in stylish packaging that wouldn't look out of place in your wardrobe.

So, without further ado, here are seven brands that are about to make your life (and millions of others’) less stressful.

Acne — hims

hims is really a one-stop shop for your biggest concerns, offering prescriptions for hair loss and pills for erectile dysfunction, as well as daily vitamins. It’s less known that they offer an array of skincare essentials, too, with serums and creams that keep you looking youthful.

Sign up for their Acne Regimen, and you’ll get two different creams—one for day, one for night—that fight pimple-causing bacteria and pack the skin with anti-aging retinoids. This smooths complexion and prevents future outbreaks, plus it saves you a trip to both the dermatologist and the pharmacy. All you have to do is speak with hims’ board-certified dermatologist to have a prescription ordered to your door.

Hair loss — Keeps

We all experience hair loss, but it manifests differently from one head to the next. When you first notice signs of excessive fall, recession, or thinning, you can sign up for Keeps.

First of all, you’ll speak with a dermatologist about the best plan moving forward. It’s going to include one or both of the following: Minoxidil, a generic for Rogaine, which thickens the hair and prevents further fall (this is most effective on the crown of the head, less so at the temples.); second is Finasteride, a generic for Propecia, which fights off DHT, the testosterone byproduct that suffocates hair follicles in the first place.

The doctor will monitor your progress, and within three months you should see a noticeable difference. Just keep your expectations within reach: any hair lost is salvageable for an indeterminate period of time (typically 2-3 years) before the follicle dries up entirely and is incapable of producing new hair.

Wrinkles and other signs of aging — Curology

Curology prompts new customers with a series of questions. These help their doctors understand your concerns and goals, so that they can prescribe you a unique nighttime formula. This customized cream targets anything from acne to fine lines; just tell the AI software that you want to fight signs of aging, and they’ll include a small dose of retinol, which will smooth complexion, prevent further wear, and minimize breakouts in the process.

You can receive this "super bottle" on monthly or bi-monthly intervals, and you can also add on the brand’s excellent cleanser and moisturizer if desired.

Crooked teeth — Smile Direct Club

If you want a straighter smile without the agony of braces, then Smile Direct Club is an easy at-home solution. It’s an investment, but a smart, safe, and gradual choice.

You can either visit one of their many SmileShops for an initial 3D scan or do at-home impressions and ship them back to get your first invisible alignment trays. You’ll receive steady, graduated trays and will check in with your digital doctor every 90 days. In less than two years, you’ll have a straight smile — and a nightly retainer to keep it all in place. Best of all, your insurance might cover some costs.

Discolored teeth — HiSmile

Your favorite vices—like coffee—are the biggest deterrents to a white smile. It’s a hard tradeoff, and one you don’t have to make. HiSmile (yes, the one you've seen all over Instagram from the likes of Kylie Jenner and Conor McGregor) makes teeth whitening both easy and affordable: they’ll start you with a flexible silicone mouth tray and LED-light and whitening gel. You can then enroll in monthly refills or as needed; just order a gel refill packet ad hoc. Then, whenever your pearly whites are anything but, you can do a treatment and worry less about the liquid vices that color your days and nights.

Sexual preparedness — Maude

While it isn’t exactly a body issue, poor sexual preparedness is an epidemic. As a courtesy, you should never invite anyone over for horizontal bonding if and when your lube and condoms are short in supply. Instead of grabbing the flimsy 3-pack of rubbers and subpar KY from the checkout line, you should respect yourself (and your partners) a little more.

Maude sends you high-quality essentials at preset intervals, so that you never run out of accoutrement. Their condom packaging is “buttercup” style, so that you peel back a lid instead of tearing into plastic and risk ripping the condom. They’re also ultra thin, so that you can’t use the lame excuse that it “doesn’t feel as good.”

Sexual health — Roman

Roman is a panacea for the ego. They offer prescriptions for hair loss, but are equally notable for their sexual wellness offering: monthly pills to prevent ED, herpes outbreaks, and premature ejaculation. You’ll speak with a doctor to ensure a need, and at regular intervals while you take the prescriptions. You can even get treatments for cold sores, and another to help you quit smoking. Call it Roman’s revenge on the body’s self sabotage.

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