Our daily lives are now almost unrecognizable from what they were this time last year. And so are our wardrobes. Designer face masks, plastic gloves, and, er, hand sanitizer holders? While much of our new lives will not be missed when we revert back, we plan on holstering hand sanitizer long after this all dies down, so we’re investing in a pouch that's worthy of carrying this protector-in-a-bottle.

As you might expect, the hand-sanitizer pouch game is still pretty niche, so you won’t find many designated sanitizer pouches. However, we’re improvising with the help of Loewe, Gucci, and more, picking out the mini accessories small enough to keep your sanitizer, and yourself, safe. Whether you’re over-the-shoulder, round-the-neck, or cross-body carrier, these pouches promise to keep the good stuff as close as possible, at all times.

Shop our favorite hand-sanitizer holders, 2020's most 2020 accessory.

KARA Chain Mail Sanitiser Pouch

Chain Mail Sanitiser Pouch

Chain Mail Sanitiser Pouch



Buy at ln-cc

This pouch is so extra that it actually makes sense. Hold your hand sanitizer like the little warrior that it is in this tiny, neck-bound, chainmail suit.

JW Anderson Leather Nano Cap Bag

Leather Nano Cap Bag

from $391

JW Anderson

(Available at 3 Merchants)
(Available at 3 Merchants)

If someone last year told you that you'd be keeping a bottle of antibacterial gel inside a small neck-pouch shaped like a leather cap you'd probably have laughed in their face, but here we are.

Loewe Paula's Ibiza Seashell Coin Purse

Paula's Ibiza Seashell Coin Purse



Buy at mytheresa

Keep the hope of future holidays in mind with this leather seashell pouch from Loewe. Maybe one day you'll be sat on a beach looking at a real seashell reminiscing about the days you used to sanitize your hands every twenty minutes.

Gucci Off The Grid Wallet Bag

Off The Grid Wallet Bag



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Gucci's Off The Grid collection is the sustainable arm of the luxury Italian house. This neon-orange pouch is the perfect size for a bottle or two of the good stuff.

ADER Error Mini Pocket Bag

Mini Pocket Bag

Mini Pocket Bag


ADER Error

Buy at Slam Jam

ADER Error keeps things technical with a drawstring closure and minimal branding. The South-Korean label gives this mini pouch extra punch with contrasting neon closure to the strap and pouch itself.

Jil Sander Mini Matchbox Bag

Mini Matchbox Bag


Jil Sander

Buy at Slam Jam

Something about the opposition of elegant, luxury leather accessories like this Matchbox Bag from Jil Sander with the banal plastic efficiency of a hand-sanitizer bottle is really doing it for us.

Celine Messenger Triomphe Coat Canvas

Messenger Triomphe Coat Canvas

Messenger Triomphe Coat Canvas



Buy at 24S.com

With two zipped pockets, you can really go to town with your protective equipment here. Mix it up with a mask in one pocket and sanitizer in the other, or if you're a sanitizer purist, opt for one large and one small sanitizer.

Marine Serre Mini Key Shoulder Bag

Mini Key Shoulder Bag


Marine Serre

Buy at ln-cc

Marine Serre's unmistakable crescent motif graces the side of this statement pink pouch held by a silver-tone chain. We don't even need to suggest what to put inside.

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