Hender Scheme's tongue-in-cheek "HOMMAGE" series helped the Japanese brand make international waves, and it hasn't ceased the seasonal flow of opulently reworked references, which continue with its "Summer/Autumn" 2021 delivery. Here, accompanied by another Birkenstock Boston riff, Hender Scheme toys with Nike's Air Max 90 and Air Jordan 1, transforming these peerless silhouettes into meticulously crafted leather goods that partner well with Hender Scheme's own footwear designs.

Like its previous offering, Hender Scheme's latest collection shirks traditional Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter for "Summer/Autumn" denomination — Japan prefers Autumn in place of Fall — to reflect the multi-seasonal nature of its wares. Given that much of the label's lineup consists of home goods and footwear, it seems almost unnecessary but, then again, part of Hender Scheme's curious appeal lies in its ability to reshape convention into exception.

The new MIP-25 (Manual Industrial Products) gives the unimpeachable Air Max 90 silhouette new life by way of Hender Scheme's signature veg-tanned leather, laden with true-to-life ridged texture and bench-made in the same style as traditional footwear complete with leather sole. Far less recognizable is the Air Jordan 1, reshaped into a black commando-soled boot finished with contrasting white stitches. Despite the makeover, the shoe's inspiration is recognizable by way of its shapely collar, vamp, and profile. This is a new kind of HOMMAGE, one that's far less obvious to the layman but no less lavish.

As usual, Hender Scheme's seasonal fare is packed with oddities that range from beakers for flowers, to python-patterned key holders, to bags crafted from richly grained leather. Fan favorites, like belts and tissue holders, are accompanied by new items that include quilted bags and smooth leather casquette hats. On the footwear front, the uniquely adjustable Foot Cast, Rope Sandals, and Haze return alongside creative concoctions like the Horn Loafer and weather-resistant "Schlaf" boots.

All of the Hender Scheme stores and stockists in Japan will launch its new Summer/Autumn items on June 12, with Western stockists likely to receive new stock shortly after.

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