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Brand: Heron Preston

Season: Spring/Summer 2018

Key Pieces: Both the Putin T-shirt and rhinestone waist bag are instant (if flashy) classics, but if we’re talking wearability, then we can see the orange waist bag quickly becoming your go-to summer piece.

Release Date: March 14 in-store and March 15 online.

Price: The T-shirt costs approximately $679 and the bag retails at approximately $1,273.

Buy: In-store and online at KM20

Editor’s Notes: Heron Preston has unveiled his latest capsule collection, working together with Moscow concept store KM20.

Called “Mr. President,” the capsule takes inspiration from tourist fashion and Russia’s bootleg pro-Putin merch. The highlight of the collection is a t-shirt with an image of Russia’s President, Vladimir Putin above rhinestone lettering that reads “Mr President.” The back of the tee has Preston’s СТИЛЬ typeface on the back. The mini capsule also features a rhinestone-studded, bright orange waist bag that includes Heron Preston branding on the straps.

Speaking about the capsule, Preston said:

““For me, making a Putin shirt was never about a political message, I don’t even follow politics. It was my fascination and curiosity with Russia as an American outsider who had never travelled there and had only experienced it through cinema and the internet that drew me to this idea. My view of Russia as this pillar of power and strength. Espionage. The country’s history in the great space race vs NASA. It being the largest country in the world by land mass, and Putin being the leader of that. I’m more into his image as this super powerful man, who is also into extreme sports, so he feels youthful. I feel like I would have way more in common with him than Donald Trump, just based off of his athleticism. In a way it feels ironic when I wear the shirt, but at the same time not because there’s a deeper story.

When I went to Moscow for the first time, I noticed Putin t-shirts sold at all of the souvenir tourist shops in town. I bought one and pretty much wore it the entire time I was there. I really love to take on the role of an extreme tourist when I travel, I think it’s funny. So this t-shirt is my twist of a Russian tourist tee.””

In other style news, the Needles x AWGE tracksuit collab is dropping this Friday.

  • Photography: KM20
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