Say hello to Tiosk — combining the words T-shirt and kiosk, the small newspaper stands in Europe that sell daily goods. Tiosk is Highsnobiety’s new T-shirt shop, selling a series of tees designed exclusively for us. The first edition will feature T-shirts by Souvenir Official, GEOGRAPHICS, BEINGHUNTED., and Carne Bollente, as well as one of our own design. Tiosk edition one drops on August 7.

What does it mean to be European? How does our geography affect who we are and how we think about the world? How do we connect with those around us, whether colleagues, friends, family, brands, different nationalities, ages, genders, races, and everything in between?

These are the questions the Highsnobiety creative team was asking while developing Tiosk, a project that gives brands, designers, and creatives a space to explore different topics by way of the humble T-shirt. It gives us, our favorite labels, and our audience a new, relatable platform for exploring culture, creativity, the world, and society.

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To understand the thinking behind Tiosk, and to celebrate Highsnobiety's own design in the five-tee debut drop, we spoke with those who made the whole project happen. Here, project lead Nigel Minani and graphic designers Chloe Techoueyres and Nayan Graf Quartier discuss Tiosk, the choice of Europe as a theme, and why now was the time to make it happen. See the highlights from our discussion below.

What sparked the idea for Tiosk and why was Europe the first theme?

We created Tiosk to give brands that we like, that might not get the coverage they deserve, a stage where they can express themselves beyond just simple design. To give them the opportunity to comment on certain topics that are relevant to us and the culture. It's also a way to tie in smaller brands that we see potential in, that might not have the budgets or platforms that the big players have. We want to highlight them and give them the attention they deserve.

Why Europe? At Highsnobiety, we cover a lot of streetwear topics that are deeply rooted in the US. In light of Brexit, a topic that concerns everyone in one way or another, we wanted to shed light on the European side of streetwear in a meaningful way.

What does Europe mean to you?

Europe means being together, being raised next to each other, and showing each other our different cultures. It means freedom. Freedom in a metaphorical sense, when it comes to being free in thought and appearance without being judged, but also literal freedom. There are literally no borders between most EU states. We can travel to a whole different country for lunch if we feel like it.

How does the idea of being European translate to Highsnobiety, which is global in its outlook?

To Highsnobiety, Europe is our second home, if not the first. Our headquarters are located in Berlin. This gives us the opportunity to see our core topics from a totally different angle. Thanks to our location, where most of our employees sit, no matter where they're from, the idea of being European translates through our tone of voice, editorially and visually.

Tell us about our Tiosk T-shirt design. What does it represent?

Our Tiosk design is pretty straightforward. It represents community, togetherness, and the beautiful things that grow from there.

Can you talk us through the design process?

Just as the T-shirt represents, we did the design together as a community. The initial brief came from me [Nigel] and went to our wonderful graphics team Nayan and Chloe. From there, they put together some ideas and we discussed them together. With some inspiration from old EU posters and a little feedback from me, we very quickly decided to go for the flower with the connecting hands. After that, we approved the sample and our "In Good Company" T-shirt was finished.

Tiosk, a series of exclusive t-shirts

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