A daily news and content platform, print magazine, shopping app, and a podcast series just isn’t enough for us at Highsnobiety, so we’ve decided to launch Short For Magazine. This one’s a bit different from the rest of our projects, though — it’s a strictly limited edition, DIY-style publication that highlights the work of some of our favorite photographers, designers and artists.

With each issue of Short For Magazine we’ll be giving a new creative of our choice carte blanche to do whatever the hell they want within a 24-page zine (short for “magazine,” get it?).

Mordechai Rubinstein, known for his photography on Instagram as Mister Mort, takes over for Issue 003 documenting the local sartorial styles of Israel and Jamaica.


Short For Magazine is strictly limited to 100 copies, and costs $20.

There’s more issues coming, but because we’re keeping things spontaneous you’ll just have to stay tuned.

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