This year’s Highsnobiety Gift Guide is all about the presents that’ll make a difference in these new and strange times. From gifts that encourage connection with loved ones, to self-love suggestions you entirely deserve at the end of 2020.

At a time when the holiday spirit needs to span area codes, borders, and bio-political firewalls, the art of gifting has become ever-more important and complex. This holiday season, our new normal is an opportunity to flip the script on time-tested traditions. For example, rather than searching out gifts for everyone — young and old, friends and lovers — perhaps the more elegant strategy is to find something that works for anyone. Behold, six gifts that you can simply multiply by the number of people on your holiday list.

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Nike Cushion Crew Sock

Long thought of as a cheap, cop-out gift, socks should never be overlooked or slept on. In fact, the multipack of white crew socks is the pure embodiment of universal gifting: your sneakers have time for it, your loafers have time for it, and almost every human being on Earth is somehow in need of one.

Alfred Dunhill Rollagas Lighter

In an increasingly post-smoking world, lighters have taken on an alluring new universality. Just ask the Greek mythological hero Prometheus what sets humans apart from beasts, and you’ll only get one answer: being able to light a scented candle.

LEGO International Space Station

While many children’s items come in boxes that say “Ages 4 & Up,” it’s worth taking the “Up” part of that recommendation more seriously. LEGO sets like this International Space Station have the unique ability to offer any recipient three distinct phases of joy: building it, playing with it, and deciding you want to keep it forever.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2

While shopping for the perfect gift for anyone, look no further than a device that can do anything. Samsung’s latest model is a smartphone that finally achieves the idea of having a tiny computer that fits in a pocket. With an interface that can be used folded as smartphone and unfolded as a tablet, this do-it-all device can instantly go from productivity machine to a binge-watching dream.

J. Press Shaggy Dog Sweater

J. Press’ “Shaggy Dog” is a sweater that exists in the pantheon of prep school staples. Yet, unlike an oxford cloth button-down or a pair of penny loafers, this brushed Shetland crewneck feels as at home in a Nirvana video as it does at a Model UN tournament.

Pendleton Glacier National Park Blanket

Having been in production for over 100 years, Pendleton’s National Park blankets are like the Shaggy Dog of covers — or maybe the other way around. Either way, these throws, which served as inspo for Raf Simons’ ultra-Americana takeover of Calvin Klein, are capable of unleashing the perfect cocoa-sipping vibe for those of all ages.

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