Influencers on YouTube have been the target of a massive, highly-coordinated cyber attack, Forbes reports. High-profile creators across a number of genres including cars, tech, music, and gaming were the prime targets, with many taking to Twitter with complaints of losing access to their channels.

The report was first issued by ZDNet reporter Catalin Cimpanu who dubbed the hack a "coordinated phishing campaign." What's more, Forbes warns that while it primarily targeted influencer accounts, the hack could potentially hinder any one of YouTube's 23 million users.

It would seem that the attackers are luring targets via fake Google login pages sent to associated email addresses. These fake pages then harvest user login details which grants the attacker access to private accounts. The accounts are then transferred to a new owner and the vanity URL is changed, leaving the owner believing their account has been deleted.

For more details on the hack and to recover your account should it have been impacted, head over to Forbes.

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