Similar to how it diversified to allow more than just square photos in 2015, Instagram is now letting IGTV users upload landscape videos. The move comes as the social media platform is celebrating the first year of IGTV.

Landscape video for IGTV was born from Instagram listening to both creators and viewers, thus learning what they like and don’t like. While creators have been looking to upload landscape videos, conversely, viewers want to view them in a more natural way. Instagram believes the expansion will enable enhanced creativity and a rise in engagement. The social media app also points out that landscape video is ideal for events like dance and sports, both of which are high motion and generally feature multiple people in the frame.

The IGTV update arrives months after Instagram enabled creators to add previews of IGTV videos to their Instagram feed, beginning in February. The company says this resulted in an uptick in original content as well as IGTV engagement.

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Not NYC, not LA.

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