Instagram is getting into the dystopian sharing-your-location business and even further into the encroaching-on-Snapchat business. A new app called Threads, a companion to Instagram, will serve as an all-encompassing messaging app that will allow users to automatically share not only their location, but also their speed and battery life with friends, according to The Verge. This precious information will be catered around users' "close friends" list on IG.

Threads is still in development, and it's unclear when it'll be rolled out. The Verge was able to see screenshots of the app in beta, and it looks similar to Instagram's existing messaging section. A green dot will show you if your friends are online, and you'll also be able to view their stories through Threads. One feature allows you to share your status, which includes presets such as "free," "busy," "bored," and... "piña colada."

The move comes as Snapchat users reportedly spend more time inside the app than those of Instagram. "The Youth" already uses it as a messaging app —  a development I was shocked to learn when my 17-year-old brother insisted upon Snapping me instead of, you know, an actual text message.

Of course, there are practical considerations when it comes to location sharing, which Snapchat already offers. It can let your friends know if it's cool to pull up... or if you're safe when you're engaging in activities like, say, online dating.

On this episode of The Dropcast, we are joined by Juice Rodriguez, the VP of Marketing at Concepts, the brand that is known for their footwear collabs. Listen below.

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