Galilee-By-Sea is a new menswear label from Marq Rise, a design consultant and stylist for the men's division at Off-White and Louis Vuitton.

Initially arriving into the industry without a formal fashion education, Rise worked as a personal tailoring assistant to master the fundamentals of garment construction and form. Following this, he parlayed his experience with his own distinctive POV on style (highly influenced by iconic musicians of the past) to propose a new kind of unbothered monochrome formality for his embryonic label: sleek turtlenecks, soft wool evening shirts, trilbys, and padded gaberdine waistcoats.

Galilee-by-Sea's collection is dropping incrementally on the brand's webstore. We caught up with Rise below to learn more about what to expect from his nascent menswear label.

What are your main inspirations?

A lot of inspiration comes from listening to music. It's surprising how what's playing in the studio can subconsciously inform styles and points of reference to study.

Tell us a bit about your background?

Galilee started as a bit of a side project in 2019 and functioned as a think tank/test lab for ideas of what I considered contemporary menswear looked and felt like. I started developing individual pieces, shot images for them, and put them out via Instagram. For a long time, a lot of the pieces weren't actually for sale. The idea was that Galilee was a testing ground in which I would be able to develop the brand's aesthetic in relative obscurity. The commerce side of the brand came a lot later in the form of a very basic webstore where the clothes could exist as tangible products for purchase.

What is "Galilee-by-Sea" in reference to?

The name is a biblical reference to the sea of Galilee.

Why did you want to start a brand, how do you want to differentiate it from others on the market?

It's been a really organic progression, developing our own identity and communicating the vision of what we think contemporary menswear feels and looks like to us. Galilee is a minimalist brand at its core, but that does not mean we won't be progressive in design and push the boundaries of what that means as it relates to menswear in 2021. Our brand is for the few who are down to push those boundaries too.

Some of the key pieces – the Ellington jacket, the Rollins vest, and the Yardbird Mac – appear to be named after musical icons and groups. Is there a theme or connection here?

I'm re-reading the autobiography of Miles Davis. A few of the musicians, writers, and poets of the day have found their names referenced on some of our pieces.

Shop Galilee-By-Sea here

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