By now most of you should have seen the all-new Apple iPhone 7, which was unveiled earlier last week and pre-orders officially started yesterday. The iPhone 7 will hit the market on September 16 globally. You might also have noticed that Apple has decided to get rid of the headphone jack. In a quest to save space and become more efficient, the Cupertino company felt like the headphone jack was not necessary anymore. If you now want to charge your phone and listen to music at the same time, all you have to do is buy this giant dongle or get this Apple Lightning Dock. Both solutions do not seem ideal, considering that it all just worked fine before.

An image of what the new iPhone 7 looks like with two dongles plugged in is now circulating the Internet and along with it some equally hilarious commentary. Who would have thought that as a result of this technical change we were in for some great sex memes. A small selection of them are here below.

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