Ahead of the 2018 Brit Awards (February 21), Beats by Dre joins forces with English rapper/singer J Hus, as he takes us behind the scenes in the latest installment of the Beats by Dr. Dre Beat x Beat series.

J Hus is up for three nominations including British Breakthrough Act, as he alongside his producer JAE5, offer an exclusive look at the making of his standout track "Did You See," which has now gone platinum.

The five-minute clip above delves deeper into the story of how "Did You See" was made, beat by beat, and they also discuss releasing and performing "Did You See," as well as working on new music in the interview below.

...on how "Did You See" came about.

JH: "I had a two bar in my head, 'did you see what I done came in a black benz left in a white one.' The inspiration came from the block party I went to a couple of days before. I was with Kilo my Manager and I asked him and he was like “yeah thats hard” I was like “cool, say no more I’m going to make a track out of it.” Took it to JAE5, but JAE5 already had a beat."

...on releasing "Did You See."

JH: "Before releasing "Did You See" I’m not going to lie to ya, I felt a bit nervous, I didn’t release for a long time, it was like over a year properly. It felt like a come back for me. At that moment in time I went through a lot of things, life was kind of hectic, but it just felt like yeah, ‘J Hus is here to stay’. I made my mark, it did a lot for me still I’m not going to lie to you."

...on performing "Did You See."

JH: "The first time I performed "Did You See" at Brixton 02 Academy, I’m looking in the crowd and seeing family members I’m seeing everyone, everyone just came out to support, it was crazy. People from the beginning to know what it did for social media. Shutting it down was just crazy."

"The one goal I set for myself was just to make a banging album, a crazy album that would change the game. We will always continue to work on new music together, another album, the next album. It’ll definitely top the first album, just more music, more music you know how it is."

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