Jalil Peraza is rethinking the way you purchase a retail space. It's time to move away from the hassle of landlords, real estate agents brokers, and paying an arm and leg for the perfect retail location with his new project Face Modules.

The project creates mobile prefabricated structures for a more affordable price point at the click of a button. The module is sold only through e-commerce platform, manufactured indoors in a warehouse and delivered to site by truck, within six weeks.

The sound design of the unit makes it suitable to serve as an office space, workshop, recording studio or design studio. It can conform and even be moved to your desired locations. The space has a sleek and modern design that are electrically wired and will be ready for use, once their team fully installs the module to a site of your choice.

Available now, the base price for the unit is $19,000, but there's also a solar panel option for $2,400 more, and a permit service for $750 extra. Take a look at the many idea you can do with the module in the gallery above. For more on the Peraza's Face Modules project check out the site here.

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