James Corden has staked out a reputation as the affable and sincere host and driver of Carpool KaraokeUnfortunately, we have learned that this may have all been a lie and Twitter is upset.

The simplistic premise of Carpool was compromised when Corden was recently spotted filming a new episode with Justin Bieber. But rather than driving the “Yummy” singer round, both host and guest were towed by a massive truck. Watch the incriminating footage below.

Corden has since addressed the allegations after the video went viral. During his show, he admitted to being towed while filming the episode with Bieber, but he also informed that he does in fact drive the vehicle more times than not.

Following Corden's admission, Bieber took to Twitter to cheekily express his disbelief. "Wait... you weren’t driving the car? How could you James? I’m shocked," he tweeted.

Regardless of the admission, fans feel deceived. Has all of Corden's "driving" been a charade? It's complicated, but Twitter has the receipts.

Browse the funniest reactions and theories below. 

This is why we have trust issues

How do you explain this then?

To be fair, he has some pretty valuable cargo

But it turns out he was driving some of the time

According to the show's producer, Car-pull Karaoke is a 4/50 event

Where do we go from here?

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