Brand: John Mayer x G-SHOCK x HODINKEE

Model: Ref. 6900-PT80

Price: $180

Release Date: December 14

Buy: G-SHOCK's website and stores, HODINKEE's web store

Editor's Notes: John Mayer's a man of many hobbies: he plays guitar (quite well, I've heard), collects visvim, and maintains a healthy obsession with the trends of decades past. I mean, just look at the cover of his latest record, Sob Rock — it's '80s as hell.

In fact, as the press release for his latest collaborative G-SHOCK notes, Mayer's latest collaborative G-SHOCK timepiece is also inspired by "the decade that brought us big hair, acid wash jeans, and the 'Super Bowl Shuffle,'" despite its minimalist appearance.

Unfortunately there aren't any watches in the "Super Bowl Shuffle aside from William “The Refrigerator” Perry's gilded number but I get the reference — it's not about the looks or even the music, just the vibes.

Free from irony, Mayer's new (and very limited) G-SHOCK Ref. 6900-PT80 is, simply, a good time.

This is the second time that Mayer's tackled the timeless G-SHOCK DW6900.

The hardy watch now boasts the "Ref." denomination (just to class it up, really) and a white paint job inspired by Casio's mid-'80s PT-80 keyboard, another reference the the decade that's currently inspiring Mr. Mayer.

The only way you'd really know that this was a John Mayer joint is by checking the caseback where Mayer and HODINKEE's names are embossed — this one is all about subtlety, if all-white watches can be subtle.

I'm surprised Mayer didn't opt for something extra-'80s, actually: why not the old-school DW-5000C, G-SHOCK's first watch (introduced in 1983)? Or the ultra-affordable F91W-1 that launched by the decade's end?

Remember, the DW6900 launched in 1995.

Don't get me wrong, the DW6900 is a handsome silhouette with street cred that benefits from a simple, stylish revamp. I just wonder if Mayer could've used an OG model as the basis for his retro survey.

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