Luxury watches are already an ultra-intricate art form. Toronto-based artist Julie Kraulis, however, is taking this concept to the next level with incredibly detailed illustrations of the world's best timepieces.

Through her pencil drawings of pieces from brands like Rolex, Omega, A. Lange & Söhne and Tag Heuer, Kraulis touches on what makes these creations so special and desirable.

According to an interview with GQ, she uses "Staedtler Mars Lumograph pencils on Arches paper, with each piece taking up to 250 hours of work and using 50 pencils." In addition, she spends between 10 to 30 hours reading about each watch before starting a piece to make sure incorporates each timepiece's narrative elements and historical significance.

Take a look at some of her incredible work below and pick up a print here.

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