When you're a brand as big as Calvin Klein, you don't really need an ad agency. All you need to do is throw a truckload of money at a bunch of celebrities, get them to wear your product, add a sprinkling of sexy, and –BAM– people are paying attention. CK has done just that by recruiting Justin Bieber, Kendrick Lamar and FKA twigs, among others, for its Spring 2016 #mycalvins campaign.

Launched via Instagram, the basis of the campaign consists of individual photos of various celebs with the words "I _____ in #mycalvins" overlaid onto each image in CK's iconic font. A different word fills in the blank for each celeb. Biebs for example, "dreams" in #hiscalvins, Kendrick "reflects" in his, FKA twigs "excels" in hers, ad infinitum.

Other stars that posed for the campaign include rappers Joey Bada$$ and Fetty Wap, as well as Abbey Lee and Sung Ji. A short film shot by Tyrone Lebon also accompanied the IG shots. Head to CK's Instagram to see them all.

In previous seasons CK teamed up with Opening Ceremony to sell more underwear.

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