KAWS has added new drawings to his augmented reality experience, “EXPANDED HOLIDAY.” In partnering with tech company Acute Art, he is allowing fans to encounter his artwork digitally.

"Me and the @acuteart_ team are working from our homes in NY and London to add some new AR drawings for free on the Acute Art app available at your App Store for most devices," KAWS said on Instagram.

Now, art enthusiasts can experience new drawings such as a pair of Companion hands coming up out of the ground and a textured piece decorated with eyeballs that reads "KAWS."

KAWS informs that you'll likely need to update the Acute Art app to receive the free AR drawings. “If you haven’t tried it already you can place multiple AR works in one environment at the same time,” he added.

“EXPANDED HOLIDAY” ultimately offers fans an entirely new way to discover, experience, and collect art.

“When I realized the quality that could be achieved and experienced in AR, I was immediately drawn to its potential," KAWS said. "I have been creating objects and exhibiting works in public spaces throughout my career, and this allows me to expand on that in a whole new arena. The possibilities of locations and scale are endless, and I’m excited to start a new dialogue in this medium.”

You can learn more about the initiative and download the Acute Art app to experience the augmented reality drawings here.

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