Kendrick Lamar just played chicken with Spotify and won.

Earlier this month, the popular music streaming service forgot to eat a snickers and decided to remove R. Kelly and XXXtentacion's music "from all Spotify owned and operated playlists and algorithmic recommendations such as Discover Weekly,” the reveal in a statement to Billboard. These changes came as part of Spotify’s new policy addressing “hate content and hateful conduct.”

We agree that their should be more accountability, but the controversial policy was immediately met with digital pitchforks and torches from the hip-hop community. Then, K. Dot swopped in for a "hold my beer" moment. According to Bloomberg, the Grammy award winning rapper, alongside of representatives, reportedly called Spotify CEO Daniel Ek and head of AR Troy Carer to threaten to pull their music from the platform if the policy remained in its current state.

The company even had an "Et tu, brute" moment as employees themselves rejected the policy. With all the backlash surrounding the great artist purge of 2018, the policy set in place is currently being changed.

After the policy was enacted, it was reported that XXXTentacion's streams had decreased and was projected to lose $60,000 a year because of the changes. However, R. Kelly's streaming numbers were reportedly unaffected.

As more information about the Spotify policy hoopla surfaces, we'll be sure to update this post immediately.

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