fiery week in hip-hop continued with Kim Kardashian spending her Memorial Day weekend in a Twitter beef with artist, songwriter, and Kanye West collaborator Rhymefest over his comments about West’s lack of involvement in the Donda’s House non-profit, which was co-founded by Rhymefest, West, and Donnie Smith in 2011, and named after West’s mother. Rhymefest bought the house outright and took over the management of Donda’s House in 2016.

Now it seems things haven’t been running smoothly, with Rhymefest releasing a statement via the Donda’s House website taking shots at West for not helping out financially.

Kardashian was unhappy with her husband being dragged online and clapped back. Things got ugly and personal, which you can read about here. Rhymefest later announced the charity would be dropping the name “Donda’s House.”

Now, Kardashian has taken to Twitter again, this time to try to clear the air and explain her protectiveness of West. Check out her tweets below.

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In other news, Morgan Freeman has issued a statement regarding allegations of harassment made against him. Read more here.

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