When Kim Kardashian allowed us all inside the Calabasas house she shares with Kanye West, it would seem that the internet's attention was directed towards one object in particular: Her bathroom sink.

Yep, of all the things the internet centered on in Kardashian and West's super minimal $60 million Hidden Hills home was her sink. The free-standing block provoked queries on how it drains — is it self absorbent, does the water overflow like a waterfall, and so forth.

So many questions poured in that Kardashian took the time to show her fans exactly how the sink works, posting a surprisingly satisfying Instagram Stories video that should put any confusion to rest.

"It does actually slightly slope down, which you can see," she explains, pointing to a groove in the block's surface. "There's a slit for the water, and it goes in."

Watch Kardashian explain the concept of sinks to her followers in the video above.

For a deeper dive into interior design, watch the video below.

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