Over Easter weekend, Kylie Jenner took to social media to announce a new Kylie Cosmetics product and simultaneously preview an as-yet unreleased track from her partner, Travis Scott.

The video, which highlights Jenner clad in pink latex with matching eyeshadow and nails, promotes the arrival of the Kybrow Collection, an eyebrow kit that’s set to drop next week on April 29.

The accompanying snippet features Scott rapping about his eyes becoming a give-away for being high as hell, which sort of relates to the product (at least in terms of the general application area).

“I’m the highest in the room, hope I make it out of here / She saw my eyes she know I’m gone, I see some things that you might fear / I’m gonna show I’ll be back soon, that ain’t what she wants to hear.”

Listen to a preview of the unreleased Travis Scott song in the video above.

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