Lamborghini's Aventador Super Veloce is an incredible 52-ft, custom-built speedboat that runs on a 1350 bhp engine and can reach up to an impressive 180 mph. Designed as a companion piece to the carmaker's Aventador supercar, the boat is decked out in the same lime green (or ‘"Verde Singh") paint job.

But the comparisons don't stop there. The speedboat includes a cockpit that fits six people, outfitted with custom buttons and dials inspired by the car's interiors, including a "Race" and "Pleasure" key that alternates between the boat's top speed and a more relaxed pace.

The speedboat's fiber hull and deck is also designed to look similar to the original car and includes bespoke LED lighting and carbon fiber accents. To top it off, the "Super Veloce" interior features a prestige stereo system.

Luxury vehicle dealer James Edition has offered both Aventadors for sale together in a "Lamborghini Lovers" package that costs a crazy $2,199,000. Both were originally built as custom for their super-rich owner, but are now ready to be owned by an equally rich owner.

Browse through images above and then watch the video to see the boat in action.

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