Back in 1995 we saw the release of Larry Clark's cult film KIDS, which stirred up all kinds of controversy while tapping into the unseen youth culture of NYC. Written by a then fresh-faced Harmony Korine, the movie has been ripped apart, praised and then ridiculed once again for its true grit and rawness.

Distinguished as a teen film that steered away from the norm of the era, the story told of Jennie, played by the now-iconic Chloë Sevigny, who struggled with becoming HIV positive in the wake of New York's AIDS epidemic. The cast included NYC skate kids along with Jeff Pang, Rosario Dawson, Javier Nunez, and Supreme’s original riders such as Justin Pierce and Harold Hunter.

In a recent interview, DAZED caught up with the film’s costume designer Kim Druce-Sava, who revealed a set of never-before-seen polaroids from the set. Check out the shots above and peep the full interview here.

Also, take a look at 10 of the Most Controversial Fashion Photographers Ever (including Larry Clark himself).

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