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We’ve been obsessed with Liana Bank$ ever since we premiered the video for her syrup-tempo’d track “Ghost” last year. With her highly-anticipated APT. 210 still in the works, it’s definitely well worth the wait if her latest single “Bad Manners” is anything to go by.

According to Bank$, her slick and laid-back new track, produced by Simen Sez & Aidan Carroll, is all about her approach to crushes: “When I like someone they usually don’t know that I like them right away. I become this super mysterious, hard to read Scorpio. I’ll flirt hard then suddenly be very closed off. Meanwhile my brain is like, ‘Come here right nowww’ lol. This song is me revealing what I’m really thinking while I play my little mind games with a potential lover.”

Stream our exclusive premiere of “Bad Manners” below.

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  • Photography: Instagram / @lianabanks
Words by Bianca Giulione
Associate Music Editor

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