During yesterday's third season premiere of The Masked Singer, viewers were introduced to a new contestant: The Robot. The character sang a cover of Lenny Kravitz's “Are You Gonna Go My Way” and danced around the stage in a giant silver costume. As per, the judges’ challenge was to guess who was behind the mask — a task that, this time, Twitter found a lot easier to answer than they did.

After the Robot’s performance, the judges suggested a number of potential hidden celebs such as Floyd Mayweather, Johnny Knoxville, and Flava Flav, but it wasn't any of them. It was Lil Wayne — a guess that everyone watching at home apparently found extremely easy.

After the big reveal, Wayne explained that he picked that character because of his kids. "I know they're gonna like the robot costume."

Watch the Robot's performance below and scroll down for some of the funniest Twitter reactions.

It was clearly Lil Wayne

Flava Fav?!?!?

The Robot deserved another chance


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