Lil Yachty held a special talent show on Instagram Live yesterday during which he promised fans money via Cash App in exchange for entertainment. One fan took it to the extreme, though, and shaved his eyebrows off for $200.

The Atlanta rapper announced the talent show on Twitter. "SENDING MONEY TO PEOPLE DOIN INTERESTING SHIT CUZ IM REALLY BORED PULL UP." The IG talent show kicked off at 5 pm EST and things got... interesting, particularly after the young man de-browed himself. Once the kid showed off his new look, Yachty promised him that the money is on the way. "I got you. My word is my word."

That's not all for Yachty's talent show shenanigans, of course. Fans went live and ate condoms, dog food, and stick deodorant, and two kids even fought in an impromptu boxing match. Watch it all unfold below.

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