A new keyboard called the Lofree can turn your Mac or Windows computer into a cute and colorful typewriter with round, shiny buttons.

The mechanical keyboard is inspired by the much-loved writing mechanism, the typewriter, but is compact and stylish enough to carry around with you wherever you go. “We engineered round keycaps to give lofree a classic, yet contemporary feel,” reads the Lofree website.

The friendly device can be operated wired or wirelessly and is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android and iOS. It can be paired up to three devices simultaneously, and comes with three different backlit settings. It can not, however, shield you from snide remarks about how much of a hipster you are for using one.

If you would like to purchase, you can sign up here to receive details as soon as they’re available.

Speaking of hipsters, didn't they change the world or something?

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