Aphex Twin returned this week much to the excitement of electronic music fans everywhere. Some, however, were more pumped about the news than others — namely Aphex Twin stan Luka Sabbat, who paid tribute to the mysterious artist with a dazzling piece of ice.

Sabbat has never been shy when it comes to divulging his love of Aphex Twin, regularly co-signing him in interviews and rocking merchandise (Frank Ocean is a big fan, too). But his new ring takes that fandom to the next level, packing a supernova of tiny diamonds in the shape of Aphex Twin’s unmistakable logo. We can only begin to imagine how much it cost.

As a bonus, Sabbat also gave his followers an up-close look at his ring honoring controversial imageboard community 4chan.

In case you missed it, Aphex Twin — aka Richard D. James — this week announced his new EP, Collapse, his first major release since 2016, after teasing it online. Listen to the record’s first track, “T69 Collapse,” below. (WARNING: CONTAINS STROBING.)

Are you here for Luka’s ice? And are you psyched for new Aphex Twin? Leave your comments below.

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