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French Montana and Max B just dropped Coke Wave 4 from their ongoing mixtape series. In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the collaborators revealed that they finished the latest volume with producer Paul Couture in the span of one week.

Coke Wave 4 marks the first batch of new material from Max B in nearly a decade, as the New York rapper has been imprisoned since 2009. Over the phone from prison, he told Rolling Stone that this edition is “the equivalent of Kawhi Leonard going to Toronto, winning that championship in one year, and now he’s a super free agent and he can do whatever he wants, make any decisions he wants.”

Max B also cleared up some common misconceptions about Coke Wave like the meaning behind the title and the fact that they never put out a Coke Wave 3.

“Everybody has this thing mixed up that we’re talking about actual coke product,” he said. “When we came up with the Coke Wave concept, it was always about the hustle, the grind. When we started, French was in the DVD game. I was doing my thing, had worked with Jim [Jones, the New York rapper behind hits like ‘We Fly High’] and all them. So we both had some buzz in the streets. We thought we would come together and put his visual skills with my audio skills. But it’s not about drugs—it’s about the way we took the music and flipped it to make a profit.”

Apparently, Max B is in the process of working on a new full-length album called Negro Spirituals which will also be produced by Couture. Stayed tuned here for more updates on that development and stream the full mixtape below.

Words by Sydney Gore
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