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McLaren is slated to unveil its next flagship supercar with the Speedtail on October 26, but before that, the British automotive manufacturer has released additional teaser imagery of the forthcoming Hyper-GT.

Specifically focusing on the car’s badge, the Speedtail’s logo bears an optional 18-karat-white gold with carbon fiber badging, which will be available to the 106 individuals who have reserved the McLaren Speedtail. In addition, a set of three badges, including two brand badges on the front, and one name badge situated on the rear, will be available as part of the exclusive customization features for the upcoming three-seat Hyper-GT model.

For those who don’t choose the more premium 18-karat badge, the standard edition boasts an aluminium construction with a gloss black inlay, alongside another option of solid platinum to further offer luxury bespoke detailing on an extremely limited edition vehicle.

Furthermore, the rear of the Speedtail has been unveiled, showcasing its curvy-sleek profile, while the company also confirms that it will boast a petrol-electric hybrid drivetrain that will deliver a top speed of over 243mph.

The McLaren Speedtail is priced at around $2.24 million plus taxes, with the entire inventory already sold, and scheduled to be officially unveiled on Friday, October 26. Also, the company teased a forthcoming collab with another British label, which is slated to be revealed on November 6.

This past summer, McLaren revealed its more powerful, faster and lighter 600LT supercar.

Words by Renz Ofiaza
Staff Writer

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