Mercedes-Benz have pulled out all the stops in the design of their concept car for the Frankfurt Motor Show as they unveil the body-changing Concept IAA. An acronym for Intelligent Aerodynamic Automobile, the car is capable of altering its basic shape to improve its aerodynamics as needed. While the idea isn’t exactly new, what is different here is the extent to which the car is capable of transformation. When left to its own devices the IAA will undergo its transformation when it reaches 80 kph (50 mph) or via the press of a button.

Morphing from its fundamental shape as an already aerodynamic four-door sports sedan with a basic teardrop shape, long hood and truncated rear, the IAA transforms even further into the sports realm with a long, tapering tail. Even the wheels reduce their indentation to become completely flat and allow air to slip evenly down the car’s sides without interruption.

It’s not clear yet how long the car takes to alter its shape, how heavy the required motors are, or how much more expensive it would be to fix a car like this if you were to accidentally back into a phone pole, but with a car that looks as stunning as this, these practical concerns are a minor worry. The Concept IAA is currently being showcased at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show.

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