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Architect Andrew Simpson has a knack for untraditional spaces. Although his Island Bay House takes cue from the micro-builds of Japan, a place where real estate is a premium, this humble build sits in a remarkably unpopulated expanse in New Zealand. A small, sharply sloping plot of land was selected as the prime candidate to construct this tiny home that boasts an uninhibited view.

Simpson took inspiration from legendary architect Makoto Masuzawa’s space saving homes originally conceived in 1950s Japan. Masuzawa is known for his compact, box-like developments that feature loft-like sleeping arrangements and expansive windows for an airy vibe. The Island Bay Home similarly features floor-to-ceiling glass doors that draws in enough light to make the otherwise cramped space feel open. Considering this was executed at under $150,000, we think we could hop on board with the whole micro-living movement.

Words by Thomas Welch