mod-3, the originators of the minimalist iPhone case, are back with their latest design, following up on the wildly popular RADIUS. The new Alt case takes RADIUS and makes it even simpler by doing away with the DIY assembly and replacing it with a single-piece snap-on case. Not only a case for your phone, Alt features a neodymium magnet that attaches to a variety of surfaces letting you place your iPhone in the place you find most convenient.

Each Alt comes with a standard wall mount, while a car vent mount is also an available option. Once you remove your phone from the mount, you can also place your charging cable on the magnet to ensure it stays right where you need it.

The Alt fits the iPhone 6 and 6s and comes optioned in many colors. To get a closer look at the innovative case and mount, press play above. Then, visit mod-3's Kickstarter to support.

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