If starting your day checking your personal configuration of news, dating, dieting, and social media apps doesn't get you in a positive frame of mind, the new Moodrise app might have a solution. Imagine waking up, instead, to a carefully curated package of photos, videos, graphics, sounds, music, and art. Founder of Moodrise and former chief global curator at eBay, Michael Phillips Moskowitz, describes the new app as “digital nutrition.”

Moodrise, which launched January 28, delivers specifically selected images, video, and audio to iOS and Android, and audio content for Google Home and Amazon Alexa. Its creators suggest that its precise selection of artistic stimuli can “positively impact brain chemistry, and progressively elevate your mood” by “pairing proven science with the power of storytelling to help you feel better.”

We're becoming increasingly aware of the negative impact technology is having on our mental health but for many, the prospect of digital detoxing seems just that bit too hard. With this in mind, Moodrise has opted to leverage technology to nourish and support our emotional needs with an aim to “improve mental health, strengthen resilience and elevate well-being.”

The Moodrise app is available now on Android and iOS.

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