German post-graffiti duo, Moses & Taps, prepare for the opening of their new exhibition at Hamburg's Golden Hands Gallery, and here's your exclusive peek at the show before it opens.

Dubbed "CORPORATE IDENTITY," this ironically-titled exhibition has a particular focus on the repetition – a process that can paradoxically create both perfection as well as abstraction. Individual works have a repetitive nature while certain elements weave through the entire body as well: particularly yellow, blue and black colors.

The multifaceted body of work contains paintings, sculptures, photographs and spray-paint work. The artists, unfortunately, won't be in attendance on opening night, just in case they stumble into some legal trouble for all the trains that they've sprayed down in the past.

"CORPORATE IDENTITY" opens at Golden Hands gallery in Hamburg, Germany on April 8.

Golden Hands Gallery Kaiser-Wilhelm-Str. 87 20355 Hamburg, Germany

Peer inside Moses & Taps' previous exhibition, "Rules of Vandalism."

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