MUJI has long proclaimed its allegiance to the school of simplicity. In lieu of frills and decorative detail, the company has always chosen to concentrate on the quality of its materials. For Spring/Summer 2015, they’ve made it clear there’s one star of the show, and that would be cotton. The collection, titled “Cotton of MUJI,” shows a refocus on sustainability and conscious fashion. According to the brand’s Facebook, they have made quite the effort to work more 100% organic cotton into this delivery. In doing so, MUJI hopes to reduce its environmental footprint and create healthier work environments for those harvesting the product. They go on to say that the cotton used in the collection was cultivated through the release of “beneficial insects and strip cutting alfalfa,” rather than with the toxic pesticides and fertilizers more commonly used.

The collection itself fits the MUJI identity to a T, which the assortment has in plenty. The button-front shirts, hoodies and pants are also not overworked, becoming modern closet staples. From a design perspective, these are the kind of clothes you want for an unplanned weekend. They’re unpretentious, functional and perfectly suited for just about any casual gathering. Basically, they’re the straight-shooting best friend of your closet who will never lead you wrong. We will say we were excited to see water-repellent cotton shoes in the lineup. After all, with spring showers on the horizon, no one wants wet feet.

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