For its latest short film, Swedish loungewear label Nufferton has the dreamers in mind. Literally.

Titled Sleepwalker, the plot centers on a skater who, yes, happens to sleepwalk. Cameras follow Dutch pro Nassim Guammaz as he shreds through central parts of Stockholm in his Nufferton PJs; the sleek composition, stylish framing and glacial soundtrack (provided by Nikki and the Dove) are almost reminiscent of a scene from Drive. According to the brand, Guammaz skated from midnight right through to 9 a.m. without taking a single break.

Premiering exclusively for Highsnobiety, check out the gorgeous short above. Once you're finished watching, be sure to head over to the Nufferton website for more premium nightwear.

Staying in Sweden, COS celebrated its 10-year anniversary with this collection last week.

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