As the year is quickly coming to a close, Netflix is taking a look back at the past 12 months. Here, the streaming service has provided us with information on its most-watched shows of 2017.

First off, Netflix users took in more than 140 million hours of content each day, which equates to just over 1 billion​​ hours​​ per​​ week. January 1 then accounted for the day that the most content was viewed globally, while Americans upped the streaming the following day on January 2.

Also worthy of note, the average Netflix user watched approximately 60 movies on the streaming platform throughout 2017.

From there, Netflix has broken down the viewing into categories, thus highlighting the most devoured shows of the year, the shows we savored in 2017, the shows that got us cheating, and the shows that brought us together. For a breakdown (per Netflix), see below.

The Shows We Devoured in 2017

1. American Vandal 2. Suburra: Blood on Rome 3. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life 4. 3% 5. 13 Reasons Why 6. Marvel's Iron Fist 7. Anne with an E 8. Ingobernable 9. Travelers 10. The Keepers

The Shows We Savored in 2017

1. The Crown 2. Neo Yokio 3. A Series of Unfortunate Events 4. GLOW 5. Friends from College 6. Ozark 7. Big Mouth 8. Ultimate Beastmaster 9. Dear White People 10. Disjointed

The Shows That Got Us Cheating in 2017

1. Orange is the New Black 2. Stranger Things 3. Narcos 4. 13 Reasons Why 5. Ozark 6. Marvel's The Defenders 7. MINDHUNTER 8. Marvel's Iron Fist 9. Black Mirror 10. Grace & Frankie

The Shows That Brought Us Together in 2017

1. Stranger Things 2. A Series of Unfortunate Events 3. 13 Reasons Why 4. Fuller House 5. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life 6. Trollhunters 7. Chef's Table 8. Voltron 9. Anne with an E 10. One Day at a Time

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